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Pabst Blue Ribbon is a symbol of Milwaukee’s entrepreneurial past. Thanks to recent transformations, it’s becoming emblematic of the city’s future.

BY Jeanette Hurt —

Once the world’s second largest brewery, a bustling place that employed as many as 5,000 employees and churned out 10 million barrels of beer each year, the Pabst Brewing Company fell onto some hard times in the ’90s and the facility shuttered its doors (though the company still exists in LA, with different owners and beer brewed by contractors). The site of the old facilities is a prime example of the power of innovation and the organic combination of old and new, as the former  Pabst HQ was recently reinvigorated and transformed into a bustling neighborhood, simply called “The Brewery,” that boasts luxury condos, a boutique hotel, restaurants, bars and even two university centers.