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Newly Constructed Jane Addams Park Apartments Now Open

By: Sabrina Santucci

Updated: May 9, 2013

Rockford- Hardwood floors, brand new appliances and a community center. The new Jane’s Nobel Village offers community style living for mixed-income residents with disabilities.

It was built on the grounds of what was Jane Addams Housing Project, a building plagued by crime in a neighborhood recently rated one of the 15 most dangerous in the entire nation.

Rockford Housing Authority’s Ron Clewer insists this project will reduce blight and not bring more.

“We made significant promises throughout this process that we would not only develop a high quality residential living facility, but we would operate it in a very high quality manner and that we would continue to maintain it that way,” said Clewer.

Clewer points out that the new apartments located at Seminary Street and College Avenue are near construction meant to revitalize the neighborhood.

Rockford’s Mayor Morrissey says this project is only the beginning.

“The public investments that we’re making in South Main and the Morgan Street Bridge, as well as the Riverfront, the new river pathways, that will be done in conjunction with some of the public works projects. This is all how we take advantage of the assets we have. And build a really strong foundation for a great neighborhood,” explained Morrissey.

That also includes renovating the nearby Brewington Oaks Apartment complex for seniors. Still some don’t agree with building public housing in neighborhoods already struggling with crime.

Clewer disagrees. “It’s happening in many neighborhoods it’s not just here. But we can serve as a catalyst to reverse those trends and that’s exactly what we want to do,” he said.