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It should be a no-brainer for our city council to unanimously  endorse the necessary framework for inviting this catalytic opportunity for  development of the Ziock/Amerock project. How fortunate for Rockford to have  someone like Gorman and Company with the vision, experience and  financial/investor portfolio to recognize the potentials of this  undertaking.

Being too large of a challenge for our local investors, this will be  a springboard for our local entrepreneurs to pick up the smaller-scale  opportunities to complement the base project. Granted some infrastructure will  be needed, but it will give us the opportunity to enact some of the  recommendations from our countless “traffic studies” we have on our dusty  archive shelves.

It should give us the opportunity for our downtown traffic flow to  finally become more visitor/user friendly. I recommend the city council give  Gorman and Company a unanimous affirmative vote this Monday welcoming them to  our city.

— Cal DeWeerdt, Rockford