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According to Alexandria Housing Authority (AHA) Executive Director, Wanda H. Davis, AHA and the Alexandria Affordable Housing Corporation has signed on a development partner in its quest to build a new housing complex for the area.

Davis, who took over as executive director in 2000, has been leading the way to help develop new programs and good affordable housing for the Alexandria area. Davis says she has a staff of about 100 people who work with her administration, helping to secure the seven to eight housing units, along with 22 resource center employees who work on the education programs, funded by a grant from the Department of Education. The AHA’s main office has 50 regular employees.

The Alexandria Affordable Housing Corporation has signed with Gorman and Company, Inc., a Wisconsin-based group that specialized in urban renewal projects, to oversee the construction of an affordable housing development that will consist of nearly 118 units with three to four bedrooms and two full baths. The new subdivision-Legacy Heights- will replace the former Wooddale Park, which was demolished a little more than two years ago to make way for more up-to-date facilities.

Davis said the finalization of the agreement with Gorman brings the reality of better housing conditions for Alexandria residents one step closer. She said signing with Gorman marked the end of a nearly four-month process of selecting a development partner.

Gorman General Counsel Edward Matkom said the financial phase, the next step in the process, will involve securing of financing and investing for the development and should be completed by September. Construction is scheduled to begin in October or November 2008, and is projected to be completed by late 2009. The total cost of the construction will be $17.5 million.