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By Elaine Glusac of American Way Magazine, September 1, 2013

In a barfly’s dream come true, beer fans can now spend the night in one of the breweries that made Milwaukee famous. In the 19th century, Brew City put the big in beer with Blatz, Miller, Schlitz and Pabst, all made locally. Now the ornate stone-and-brick Pabst Brewery plant, a 20-acre site that operated for 150 years before closing in 1996, has been reinvented as a residential, office and retail space with the 90-room BREWHOUSE INN & SUITES— located in the old brewhouse and millhouse buildings — anchoring the complex. Public areas of the renovation celebrate the Pabst heritage, showcasing massive copper brew kettles, vintage Pabst TV ads and a cathedral-worthy stained-glass window dedicated to the patron saint of brewers, St. Gambrinus, in a central five-story atrium. Many guest rooms feature exposed brick walls, and all include full kitchens. And while it may not be made on-site any longer, Pabst still flows on tap (along with 12 other Wisconsin-made beers) at the adjoining Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub.

From $189,