We’re looking for people who believe. Companies that believe. People who understand that there are risks in making this a better city. Gorman & Company does that. I like to speak of Milwaukee as the most livable big city in America. Gorman & Company is in large measure responsible for my confidence in making that statement. In a time when many cities struggle with the challenge of providing a range of housing options for their citizens, Milwaukee shines. In a time when many cities yearn for investment in their neighborhoods, we have Historic Lofts on Kilbourn, Golden Dome Apartments, Historic Fifth Ward Condos, the Kunzelmann-Esser Building, the Knitting Factory, and more, all tributes to Gorman & Company’s vision of Milwaukee as a dynamic marketplace.
– Mayor Tom Barrett, City of Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Urban League (MUL) was pleased to be a partner with Gorman & Company on the development of historic Dr. Wesley L. Scott Senior Living Community.

This project not only provides quality, affordable housing for seniors, it is significant because of its name. Dr. Scott was executive Director of MUL for twenty-three (23) years from 1959-1981 and was known as the “catalyst” for change. We wanted a name that would symbolize hope, progress and change. Everyone associated with development is pleased because it gave us another opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of this great man who did so much for our community.

In addition, the City of Milwaukee Department of Development views this housing community as a “catalytic” project that will help stabilize, and revitalize, one of our most challenged neighborhoods, Metcalfe Park.
– Ralph Hollmon, President & CEO, Milwaukee Urban League

Gorman is one of our premiere developers. They tend to take on the very difficult projects to do and they do those projects very well. Our interest here, we are part of city homes, and we have this property sitting right here in the middle where we want to go. We thought we had to get this facility redeveloped and turn this neighborhood around to continue the efforts to revitalize the neighborhood. I think Gorman brought a lot of expertise, an understanding of the process, an understanding, above all, and a respect for the community and I think he’s done that very well.
– Antonio Riley, Executive Director, Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority (WHEDA)

I think you have to look at London Square as one of the typical developments that was put up in the late 60s early 70s. There are many other examples throughout Milwaukee, particularly in Milwaukee’s center city, that were designed for low income people but really did not speak to the dignity of people.
– Rocky Marcoux, Commissioner, Milwaukee Department of City Development

This is truly a case where a silk purse is made out of a sow’s ear. This development has been completely transformed by Gorman & Company into a very positive, uplifting, bright, clean, airy living space which I can only believe will impact the residents’ lives and cause them to feel similar optimism towards their own lives and toward the opportunities that are out there.
– Robert Bauman, Alderman, 4th District Milwaukee

We had to look at whether we were going to be able to achieve the income to amortize or cover the debt service on this project, along with seeing if Gorman was able to bring enough equity in through tax credits to make this thing work. We saw that Gorman had had a lot of experience throughout the state in putting developments together for tax credits and we felt very comfortable to use our latitude to do that.
– Ann Marie Hinkle, Chief-Project Management, Housing & Urban Development (HUD)